IFIMAC Day 2022 “10 years of IFIMAC”: two perspectives

IFIMAC Day 2022 "10 years of IFIMAC": two perspectives

“I would like to thank the IFIMAC researchers for their contribution to a very successful IFIMAC day in spite of the heat wave. It has been truly motivating to see so many young (and not so young…) faces eager to know about the activity of IFIMAC during the last 10 years and to present their current research. The Collaborative Projects have been one of the key activities funded by our Maria de Maeztu Research Excellence awards, and the talks showed how they have strongly contributed to create collaborations and synergies that are going to be crucial in our future. We really need the spirit shown by the IFIMAC researchers and their involvement in the centre’s activities to materialize the interesting opportunities that lay ahead.”

Rubén Pérez Pérez (IFIMAC Director)

“At the IFIMAC Day, I had the opportunity to get to know other fellow IFIMAC researchers and catch a glimpse of their research. At the posters session, I encountered researchers facing the same problems and pursuing similar goals to mine, and I had the chance to exchange different approaches to tackle those issues with them, which I found very enlightening. At the invited talks I got to know several past and present projects of IFIMAC. I found it very refreshing that they went through not only the results of their research, but also the difficulties they encountered along the way. I think showing the real process of research, difficulties and all, was really valuable and encouraging for novel researcher such as myself. I also learned that IFIMAC encourages collaboration between groups who have never collaborated before, which I believe can lead to very interesting projects. Overall, it was a very exciting and inspiring experience.”

Eva Osuna Bris (IFIMAC Master student)

You can find all the talks of the IFIMAC DAY here.

IFIMAC Day 2022 “10 years of IFIMAC” – Photo Gallery

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