IFIMAC at the European Researchers Night 2023

IFIMAC at the European Researchers Night 2023 - Featured

From the IFIMAC we propose 2 activities for the European Researchers’ Night:

Making an electric battery using everyday materials. Participants will be able to make their own electric battery and see how we can convert the chemical energy stored in the battery into electrical energy by lighting an LED.

We will also build a car that can move under a spotlight that simulates the sun. Participants will test how it works by racing cars using the spotlights on a racetrack. We will learn how light is converted into charge carriers and how its energy is transformed into the electricity that moves the car.

With the older audience in mind, there will be a demonstrative explanation of the latest developments in the field of photovoltaic energies. A light concentrator will be used, consisting of a glass plate painted with fluorescent paint, which directs the light towards a small solar plate. With this circuit we will see how the energy can be transformed into electricity capable of moving a propeller. [More Info]

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