Young Investigators Online Workshop on Unconventional Superconductivity in Heavy Fermions 17 to 19 January 2022

Aims and Scope

The workshop will promote active participation and stimulate exchanges between communities that are geographically far from each other, but scientifically very close, with the focus on young scientists mainly from Japan, China and EU. Of course, everybody else who is interested is welcome to join. The workshop will be held fully online.

The advent of heavy-fermion superconductivity happened about seven years after the discovery of superfluidity in helium three, in the late seventies of past century. Since then, heavy fermions have continuously stirred superconductivity by discovering new and surprising phenomena, such as multiphase superconductivity, superconductivity at a quantum critical point or ferromagnetic superconductors. The field has spurred novel ground-breaking theoretical approaches to the mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity, which found their way in explaining superconductivity in many other systems, including cuprates, iron pnictides as well as hybrid combinations of magnets and superconductors.
Heavy Fermion superconductors display a wealth of superconducting phases. In heavy fermions, local magnetic moments entropy is transferred to the itinerant electrons at low temperatures, providing highly tunable systems, which change their ground state radically by applying pressure, magnetic fields or strain.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together young theorists, experimentalists, and material scientists active in the field of heavy fermion superconductivity and address topical problems. We welcome developments of novel and pioneering experimental and theoretical techniques, and work in progress.

Topics include:

  • Heavy fermion superconductivity in d and f electron systemss
  • Quantum criticality and pairing
  • Novel spectroscopies and imaging techniques
  • Phase diagrams, high magnetic fields, pressure and strain
  • Superconducting vortex lattices

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