Dr. Juan Luis Aragonés, IFIMAC Researcher, has been awarded a “Junior Leader (Incoming)” grant from “La Caixa” Foundation

Dr. Juan Luis Aragonés
Dr. Juan Luis Aragonés

This new Junior Leadership programme, sponsored by Obra Social “la Caixa”, is aimed at hiring excellent researchers – of any nationality – who wish to continue their research career in Spain. The objectives of this programme are to foster high-quality, innovative research in Spain and to support the best scientific talents by providing them with an attractive, competitive environment in which to conduct excellent research through a three-year employment contract at an accredited centre with the Severo Ochoa or María de Maeztu distinction of excellence such as IFIMAC.

Juan Luis Aragones carried out his Ph.D in the group of Prof. Vega at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), studying the physics of water by means of molecular simulations. This predoctoral trajectory was awarded with the Ph.D extraordinary award from UCM. Then, he was appointed as a postdoc in the group of Prof. Alexander-Katz at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to study soft materials under non-equilibrium conditions. After four years at MIT, he joined the IFIMAC as a Doctor Santander-María de Maeztu postdoc fellow. Currently and supported by “la Caixa”, he is studying and developing new strategies of locomotion of artificial systems in complex environments.

We congratulate Dr. Juan Luis Aragonés.

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