IFIMAC PhD Projects for la Caixa INPhINIT Fellowships Call

IFIMAC is offering 10 PhD projects within the INPhINIT Fellowships call of “La Caixa” foundation for talented students. Check the full description of the program here.

The call is open till 25th of January 2023 for incoming fellowships and till 16 February 2023 for Retaining ones. Don’t miss the deadline!

Two INPhINIT fellows currently at IFIMAC share their experience in this short interview, which you can find in our Youtube channel as well.

Thank you, Anna-Luisa and Michel!

The complete list of the project titles and advisors is the following (click on the title for the description of the project):

Coherent superconducting spintronics controlled by ferromagnet with competing anisotropies Farkhad Aliev
Electron transport through protein-based junctions Linda Angela Zotti
Greenhouse gas sequestration at the atomic scale: dry reforming of methane using molecular beams Daniel Farías
Engineering quantum correlations of interacting polaritons in 2D doped semiconductors Francesca Marchetti
Topological polaritons for photonic technologies Carlos Anton Solanas
Topological electronics with ferrimagnetic insulators Saül Vélez
New approaches in optical manipulation Manuel I. Marqués
Manipulation of molecular charge states José Guilherme Vilhena Albuquerque D’Orey
Heat flows through qubits Rafael Sánchez
Visualizing Excited-State Transport in Perovskites Ferry Prins

If interested, please feel free to contact the advisors directly for more information on the position and possible assistance with the application.

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