IFIMAC Welcomes A New Member

Juan Luis Aragones will join IFIMAC as post-doctoral researcher. The contract will be supported by Banco Santander through “Post-doctoral researchers and technicians incorporation to Excellence units Maria de Maeztu” programme.

Short bio Juan Luis Aragones:

Juan Luis Aragones
Juan Luis Aragones

Juan Luis Aragones carried out his Ph.D in the group of Prof. Vega at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), studying the physics of water by means of molecular simulations. During those years, he received additional training from other experts in the field. He obtaining the Ph.D award from UCM. Afterwards he undertook a postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. Alexander-Katz at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying soft materials under non-equilibrium conditions, where spent four years, before finally joining IFIMAC as a Doctor Santander-María de Maeztu.

His research interests focus on the study of self-organization processes out of thermodynamic equilibrium, mimicking the non-equilibrium conditions of many industrial and natural systems. In particular, he focuses on active systems, which show a remarkable array of emergent behaviors, Using simplified models, and a combination of both experimental and simulation techniques, J. L. Aragones intends to understand the principles that govern the self-organization of these systems and ultimately tune up their interactions to control their properties.

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