Meet Carlos Antón Solanas, beneficiary of the Ramón Areces Grant 2023

In May 2023, the Ramón Areces Foundation has awarded grants worth 2.35 million euros to 19 research projects in Spain. These projects will be carried out over the next three years and involve the participation of 97 scientists.The main objective of these research grants from the Ramón Areces Foundation is to promote a strong research structure in Spain, focusing on areas of greater need and fostering young talent in the scientific field. In this way, the aim is to boost and promote Spanish science.One of the research projects funded by the grants from the Ramón Areces Foundation focuses on the field of new materials. Carlos Antón Solanas has been a beneficiary of this support for his project titled “Ultrabright Sources of Photons in Open Cavities.” The project aims to develop an ultrabright source of individual photons that operates at both ambient and cryogenic temperatures.The project focuses on the efficiency of generating individual photons, as the expansion and impact of quantum photonics technology greatly depend on this. Carlos outlines two main objectives: the emission of individual photons for quantum communications applications and the generation of highly coherent individual photons for use in quantum computing. This project represents an important advancement in the field of new materials and could have significant applications in the field of quantum technology.

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