Graphene Nano-optoelectronics: fundamentals and applications

When: Friday, 7th November (2014), 12:00h
Place: Facultad Ciencias, Module 0, Conference Room (307)
Speaker: Frank Koppens, The Institute of Photonic Sciences, ICFO, Barcelona.

Opto‐electronics and power conversion based on graphene and related 2d materials is one of the most rapidly developing and exciting areas with prospects for commercial applications. These materials have huge potential for an “all‐in‐one” solution to the challenges of future opto‐electronic technologies, banking on a wide palette of unique aspects such as tuneable optical properties, broadband absorption (from UV to THz frequencies), high electrical mobility for ultrafast operation, and novel gate‐tuneable plasmonic properties. In addition, graphene is an excellent host for confining and manipulating optical fields at the nanoscale, with potential for new avenues in quantum information processing, imaging, and sensing. In this talk, I will review both fundamentals and applications associated to the interactions of light with graphene and related 2d materials. Ongoing efforts towards applications are being discussed, addressing the fields of photodetection, quantum manipulations, nanophotonics, long‐wavelength photonics and power conversion.

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