Playing with Molecular Junctions – Tales from the South

Playing with Molecular Junctions - Tales from the South

Title: Playing with Molecular Junctions – Tales from the South.
When: Monday, October 9, (2017), 15:30.
Place: Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Module 3, Seminar Room (5th Floor).
Speaker: Yonatan Dubi, Ben-Gurion University Department of Chemistry & The Ilze-Katz Institute for Nano-Scale Science and Technology, Israel.

The ultimate goal of molecular electronics is to create technologies that will complement – and eventually supersede – Si-based microelectronics technologies. To reach this goal, the field of single-molecule electronics is aiming at recognizing and characterizing single-molecule devices that mimic at least some of the behaviors of today’s semiconductor components. In this talk I tell the tale of three such single-molecule devices, including the world’s smallest diode and the symmetric photo-switch, all of which are the fruit of collaboration with the experimental group of B.-Q. Xu. I describe both experimental (to the best of my powers) and theoretical sides of these devices, and elucidate the basic physical processes which are dominating these systems.


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