Andreas J. Heinrich: “Towards Quantum Computing with Spins on Surfaces” IFIMAColloquium 3/2/2023

There is a strong international research effort in the area of quantum information science. Here, the concepts of quantum coherence, superposition and entanglement of quantum states are exploited.These concepts were originally shown with photons as well as atoms and ions in vacuum traps. Over the past two decades, many advances at studying such quantum coherence in solid-state and molecular architectures have evolved. In this talk you will hear Adreas Heinrch research efforts at Ewha in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM). STM enables the study of surfaces with atomic-scale spatial resolution and offers the ability to study individual atoms and molecules on surfaces. It can also be used to move atoms with atomic-scale precision, enabling engineered nanostructures where each atom is in the exact correct place. More recently Andreas and his team have learned how to combine STM with electron spin resonance, which gives the means to quantum-coherently control an individual atomic or molecular spin on a surface. Using short pulses of microwave radiation further enables qubit rotations and learning about the quantum coherence times of the spins. Stay till the end where he will show unpublished results on multi-qubit operations with spins on surfaces.

Tip: Turn the online English subtitle in Youtube.

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