PhD Position at AtomEliX Group (UAM/IFIMAC)

PhD Position at AtomEliX Group (UAM/IFIMAC) - Featured

The AtomEliX group at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid led by Prof. Juan José Palacios offers a 4-year PhD position (FPI) associated with the project Non-centrosymmetric materials for photovoltaics and spintronics, recently granted by Spanish AEI, to work on theory of two-dimensional (2D) materials. Spatial symmetries have always been at the heart of our understanding of the response of materials to external stimuli; in other words, of the interconversion of physical magnitudes such as electromagnetic radiation, current, magnetization, heat, etc. One symmetry operation that stands out among all possible ones is inversion. Non-centrosymmetric materials, where inversion symmetry is absent, present unique optoelectronic and spintronic properties not shared by centrosymmetric ones. We aim at understanding the non-linear DC and AC electromagnetic response of these materials with emphasis on photovoltaic and spintronics applications. We look for motivated students genuinely interested in Condensed Matter Physics theory, computer simulations, and mathematics, aiming to engage in cutting-edge research.

The selected candidate may enjoy a temporary contract starting as early as October 2023, which will be effective until the position is officially resolved.

Informal enquires can be made to Prof. Juan José Palacios ( /

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