PhD Position on Nanomaterial-based Photonic Devices

PhD Position on Nanomaterial-based Photonic Devices

At the Photonic Nanomaterials & Devices Lab, part of the Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC) at UAM, we are looking for a PhD Student to work on the development of nanomaterial-based photonic devices. This position is funded through an “Atraccion de Talento” grant from the Comunidad de Madrid (2016-T1/IND-1209 (IP: Ferry Prins). Earliest possible starting date is 1st of May 2018, though later incorporation dates are possible upon agreement.

The project is based on a method recently developed by our group that allows for high-resolution patterning of colloidal quantum-dot assemblies. Colloidal quantum-dots are semiconductor nanocrystals that benefit from size and shape tunable optical properties thanks to their quantum confined excited-state wave function. As such, they are ideal building blocks for optoelectronic and photonic devices. Complementing the nano-scale structure of the colloidal quantum-dot building block with wavelength-scale photonic structure of the assembly opens up a wide range of new possibilities in controlling light-matter interactions for applications in next-generation energy and sensing technologies.

The interdisciplinary work will include aspects of nanofabrication, optical spectroscopy, and materials chemistry. Previous experience in these topics is welcomed, though not essential.

If interested, please send a letter of motivation, a recent CV, and contact info for references to Dr. Ferry Prins (ferry.prins[at]

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