PhD Position on Virus as Molecular Containers: Transport, Delivery and Nano-reactors

PhD Position on Locomotion of Artificial Systems in Complex Environments

Position type: 4.5 months contract at the pre-doctoral level.
Topic: Virus as Molecular Containers: Transport, Delivery and Nano-reactors.
Duration: 4.5 months. From March 15, 2019 to July 31, 2019.
Principal Investigator: Rafael Delgado Buscalioni.
Requirements: The position is intended for a graduate in Physics with idea to pursue a PhD thesis. It will be positively valued previous experience in experimental colloidal physics.
When to apply: before March 12, 2019.
How to apply: send a CV to
Starting date: March 15, 2019.

Main tasks to performed in the project:

  • Characterization of the adhesion of microscopic magnetic particles and viruses/nanoparticles on different substrates such as glass, protein coated glass and hydrogels.
  • Tracking and characterization of the mobility in different substrates.
  • Development of theoretical models to describe the mobility of these particles as a function of the structure and mechanical properties of the substrate.
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