Superconductors and Superfluids in Action

In this video, we show superconductors and superfluids in action, and reveal the quantum origin of their striking mechanical properties.


The Fifth State of Matter: Superfluids and Superconductors (Spanish)

The fifth state of matter is a new form of matter that is obtained by freezing atoms to very low temperatures, forming a gas cloud where the atoms share quantum properties. It has no electrical resistance and no friction and shows superfluidity.

View also on QuantumFracture’s Youtube channel.

Quantum material whose temperature is reduced if it is exposed to the sun (Spanish)

It is possible to manufacture a material with different layers, and also it is possible to change its emission of the electromagnetic waves to a point in which the air is not capable of absorbing its energy. In this way the material can be used as a cooling system.


How Did The Most Powerful Scanning Electron Microscope In The World End Up In Spain?

How was it possible to visualize atoms for the first time in the history? Development and application of microscopy from the beginning to the present.


The Crystal That Feeds on Entropy I What is Entropy?

Outreach Video in Collaboration with Quantum Fracture “The Crystal That Feeds on Entropy. What is Entropy?” New IFIMAC outreach video in collaboration with Quantum Fracture “The Crystal That Feeds on Entropy. What is Entropy?”. More to appear soon! We would like to thank Rafael D. Buscalioni and Marc Meléndez and QuantumFracture’s​ for their contribution to this video.


The Crystal That Feeds on Entropy I What is Entropy? (Spanish)


Documentary about Condensed Matter Physics: So Close and Such a Stranger

IFIMAC researchers from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid has released a YouTube video on the value of Condensed Matter physics. The researchers who produced the video have also formed an outreach program: The So Close Project.

Seeking to show that important advances come from “little questions that lead to big answers,” winners of a 2014 APS Public Outreach Grant have released a YouTube documentary showing the importance of condensed matter physics in everyday life. The video, “Condensed Matter Physics: So Close and Such a Stranger,” was directed by Elsa Prada, Isabel Guillamón, and Enrique Sahagún from the Faculty of Sciences at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain.


Hydrogen Makes Graphene Magnetic

This is an illustrative video describing Héctor González-Herrero et al., work “Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism using hydrogen atoms”, published in Science.


Quantized thermal transport in single-atom junctions


IFIMAC: La Física de lo Complejo (Spanish)

We have just opened our own Youtube channel, a vehicle for sharing our own research highlights and outreach.

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