Control of Nonlocal Magnon Spin Transport via Magnon Drift Currents

Figure credits: A. Barman/S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences; A. Haldar/Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad; adapted by APS/Alan Stonebraker for the Viewpoint article “A New Drift in Spin-Based Electronics” published in Physics at the [URL]

PRL Editor’s suggestion: Providing a direction to particles gone astray

Article: Published in Physical Review Letters Control of Nonlocal Magnon Spin Transport via Magnon Drift Currents.

The experiment-theory collaboration among the new IFIMAC members – Saül Vélez (experimentalist) and Akashdeep Kamra (theorist) – and teams from ETH Zürich, University of Konstanz, and TU Dresden has resulted in the article “Control of Nonlocal Magnon Spin Transport via Magnon Drift Currents” published in Physical Review Letters. It has been highlighted as Editors’ suggestion and featured in Physics with a Viewpoint article.

The flow of electrons in metals underlies electricity and electric currents thereby forming the foundation of modern technology. The negative charge of electrons means that they are attracted towards the positive terminal of a battery. Using this property, they can be steered in any chosen direction. But what if we had uncharged particles in our devices? The emerging paradigm of magnonics is based on such chargeless particles because they manifest unique bosonic features, not admitted by electrons. Will it be possible to steer these uncharged particles? This article answers the question with a resounding “yes” and provides the necessary theory as well as the experimental demonstration. [Full article]

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