EPJ Plus Highlight – Understanding the mechanism that gives light a ‘little extra push’

Article: Published in European Physics Journal by Manuel Marqués, member of The Materials Physics Department and IFIMAC researcher.

The work “A proposal to measure Belinfante’s curl of the spin optical force based on the Kerker conditions” published by IFIMAC researcher Manuel Marqués together with S. Edelstein and P. Serena from the ICMM-CSIC caught the attention of European Physics Journal Editors who recently published a highlight on the topic. [Read more]

In this paper the authors propose an optical configuration, based on two evanescent counter-propagating waves, perpendicularly polarized, capable of detecting Belinfante’s mechanical action on a dipole. The direction of the radiation pressure exerted on the particle, proportional only to the curl of the spin density, depends on the electric and magnetic response of the particle and changes sign at the radiation wavelengths corresponding with the Kerker conditions. [Full article]

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