So Close and Such a Stranger

IFIMAC researchers from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid has released a YouTube video on the value of Condensed Matter physics. The researchers who produced the video have also formed an outreach program: The So Close Project.

Seeking to show that important advances come from “little questions that lead to big answers,” winners of a 2014 APS Public Outreach Grant have released a YouTube documentary showing the importance of condensed matter physics in everyday life. The video, “Condensed Matter Physics: So Close and Such a Stranger,” was directed by Elsa Prada, Isabel Guillamón, and Enrique Sahagún from the Faculty of Sciences at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain.

So Close and Such a Stranger: a documentary about Condensed Matter Physics

Around 19 minutes long, the video combines animation and interviews to convey the history of condensed matter applications and research, as well as the way condensed matter physics is involved in common objects like cellphones. Semiconductors, superconductivity, and liquid crystals are some of the materials explored, and the video gives an overview of what researchers in condensed matter physics strive to do. [Read more on APS News]

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