Low dimensional Superconducting Hybrids for Novel Quantum Functionalities

Magnetism and superconductivity have been considered mutually excluding phenomena for a long time. However, the recent availability of combinations of magnetic and superconducting properties in hybrid systems has unveiled radically different emergent properties. These are changing the way we look on superconductors, with the creation of novel p-junctions in Josephson devices, the observation of vortex lattices in magnetic superconductors or the identification of topological properties at surfaces or interfaces of a few topical systems. The recent addition of ferroelectricity brings an additional twist. To advance in the field, we need to bring together leading scientists and young researchers and stimulate an active dialogue encompassing experiment, computational approaches, and theory. The workshop will accomplish this main goal, and, in addition, include scientists of other areas that could bring new input to identify the next step forward.

Program and free registration at: nanocohybri.eu

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