Introducing the COMPHORT Project (Quantera 2023): Pioneering Quantum Photonics

Introducing the COMPHORT Project (Quantera 2023): Pioneering Quantum Photonics - Featured

We’re proud to announce the initiation of COMPHORT, a groundbreaking project within the Quantera Call 2023 for Applied Quantum Science. Led by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), and coordinated by Carlos Anton Solanas, this consortium unites key academic and industrial partners: University of Oldenburg, Technische Universität Berlin, İzmir Institute of Technology, University of Bristol, and companies Nanoplus GmbH and QLocked.

COMPHORT is set to revolutionize quantum photonics with a room-temperature, solid-state single-photon source that is user-friendly and highly efficient. Unlike current technologies that offer less than 10% photon generation probability, COMPHORT aims for over 80% efficiency by leveraging the unique properties of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride, operating at ambient conditions.

This technology has immense potential in free-space quantum communication, especially in areas lacking fiber networks or requiring mobility, like in disaster zones or for autonomous vehicles. The collaboration of academic and industry experts ensures that COMPHORT not only advances quantum science but also aligns with market needs, strengthening Europe’s position in the global quantum technology arena.

In essence, COMPHORT represents a significant step in transforming complex quantum technologies into accessible, practical tools for a wide range of applications. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting and collaborative venture.

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