The Call for ”la Caixa” Foundation’s Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships is Now Open

Doctoral INPhINIT fellowships offer a highly competitive salary and complementary opportunities for training in transferable skills through residential sessions, outreach activities, incentive upon completion of the thesis and other features that make these fellowships among the most attractive and comprehensive in Europe. Through them, we support the best scientific talent and promote innovative, high quality research in Spain and Portugal.. This programme is divided into two frames:

Doctoral INPhINIT – Incoming call 30 doctoral fellowships for researchers who wish to carry out their doctoral project at a Spanish research centre accredited with the Spanish Seal of Excellence Severo Ochoa, María de Maeztu or the Carlos III Health Institute, and Portuguese centres accredited as “excellent” according to the evaluation of the Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia. MORE INFORMATION

Doctoral INPhINIT – Retaining call 30 doctoral fellowships for researchers who want to carry out their doctoral project in any field of research at any university or research centre in Spain or Portugal. MORE INFORMATION

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You can submit your application up to 24 January 2024 for Incoming fellowships and up to 15 February 2024 for Retaining fellowships.


Project: Emergence of complexity in the origin of life: from network science to artificial intelligence
GROUP LEADER Dr. Raúl Guantes Navacerrada,

Project: Engineering quantum correlations of interacting polaritons in 2D semiconductors
GROUP LEADER Dr. Francesca Maria Marchetti,

Project: Heat generation using optically self-organized nanoparticles
GROUP LEADER Dr. Manuel Marqués and Rafael Delgado-Buscalioni,

Project: Hydrogen production by electrochemical water splitting assisted by chiral photo-catalysts for spin control
GROUP LEADER Dr. Jesus Alvarez Alonso,

Project: Operando Nanoscale Characterization of Zero-Excess Solid-State Batteries
GROUP LEADER Dr. Celia Polop Jordá,

Project: Quantum materials prepared by MeV ion irradiation
GROUP LEADER Prof. Miguel Ángel Ramos Ruiz,

Project: Strong correlations, topology, and machine learning in flat band systems
GROUP LEADER Dr. Jaime Merino Troncoso and Jorge Bravo Abad,

Project: Tailoring the electronic and magnetic properties of 2D materials
GROUP LEADER Dr. Juan José de Miguel,

Project: Topological polaritons for photonic technologies
GROUP LEADER Dr. Carlos Anton Solanas,

Project: Visualizing Excited-State Transport in Perovskites
GROUP LEADER Dr. Ferry Prins,

The Call for ”la Caixa” Foundation's Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships is Now Open - Poster

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