Two CIVIS3i Postdoctoral Fellowships Won by IFIMAC Researchers

Two CIVIS3i Postdoctoral Fellowships Won by IFIMAC Researchers

We are happy to announce that in the recent CIVIS3i postdoctoral fellowship call awarded by the CIVIS alliance of 10 universities, two out of the four grants awarded at UAM have been won by researchers who will pursue their projects at IFIMAC: Anael Ben-Asher and Rubén Seoane Souto.

Anael’s project, Nanophotonics at Exceptional Points, is supervised by Johannes Feist (IFIMAC) and co-supervised by Markus Kowalewski (Stockholm University). It aims to exploit non-Hermitian concepts in order to discover new phenomena in nanophotonic devices. Specifically, the effects of exceptional points, a unique non-Hermitian degeneracy, will be studied.

Rubén’s project, DYSTANT, is supervised by Alfredo Levy Yeyati (IFIMAC) and co-supervised by Thierry Martin (Aix Marseille Université). It has the goal to exploit the unique properties emerging from the interplay between superconductivity and low-dimensional materials. In particular, they are interested in exploring the properties of the emerging topology, finding ways to exploit it for applications.

Congratulations Anael and Rubén!

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