Designer Nanomagnets

When: Friday, 5th December (2014), 12:00h
Place: Dpto. Física de la Materia Condensada, Facultad Ciencias, Module 3, Seminar Room (5th Floor).
Speaker: Joaquín Fernández Rossier, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, INL, Braga, Portugal.

Scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) can be used to build and probe chains of a few magnetic atoms on a surface, opening the venue for atomic scale engineering [1] of nanomagnets. STM Inelastic spectroscopy permits to probe the spin excitations of these designer nanomagnets. Combined with the atomic resolution of the STM, this affords the imaging of the spin excitations atom by atom. This concept will be illustrated in the context of recent experiments [2] where chains with 6 Fe atoms deposited on a Cu2N/Cu surface are coupled ferromagnetically and their spin waves are mapped with atomic scale resolution. The use of this technique to map exotic fractional edge states in S=1 spin chains will also be discussed [3].


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