PhD position on Energy Funneling in Nanostructured Semiconductors

PhD position on Energy Funneling in Nanostructured Semiconductors - Featured

The Prins lab is looking to fill a PhD position (FPI, granted by the AEI) associated to the recently funded project “Energy Funnelling in Nanostructured Semiconductors”. The project focusses on the optical study of energy transport in nanostructured semiconductors under externally applied pressure.

The optoelectronic properties of nanostructured semiconductors are highly sensitive to local strain, leading to local variations in the optical bandgap. This project will explore nano indentation as a tool to controllably introduce local energy gradients to direct energy carriers and improve device performance. Using nano indentation in combination with the time resolved microscopy techniques that we have developed over the past years, this project will provide a direct visualisation of energy transport with sub nanosecond and few nanometer resolution under externally applied pressure.

Candidates with a completed MSc degree in Physics, Nanoscience, Physical Chemistry, or related fields of engineering and a strong interest in next-generation energy technologies are encouraged to apply. Applications from underrepresented groups in STEM fields are particularly welcome!

The position consists of a 3-year fully funded employment contract with social benefits under Spanish law.

If interested, please send a motivation letter and an updated CV to ferry.prins(at)

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