Three PhD Positions on Theory and Modeling @ Nanoscale

Three PhD Positions on Theory and Modeling @ NanoscaleThe breakdown of classical laws at Nanoscale presents both challenges & opportunities.

Join us in unveiling the atomic origins of such exotic phenomena fueling future and emerging technologies. In particular, by relying on advanced modeling techniques and theory development we shall reason varied exotic phenomena emerging at nanoscale, namely:

  • Position #1: Violation of the classical laws of heat transport.
  • Position #2: Manipulation of molecular charge states in emerging nano-architectures (e.g. molecular machines).
  • Position #3: Thanks to a surprising violation of the 1st law of friction we propose to control superlubricity (a state of vanishing friction) in an unprecedented manner.

More details at:
Contacts: guilherme.vilhena(at)

Applications open until suitable candidate is found.

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