Magneto-optical Binding in the Near Field

Article published in Scientific Reports.

In this paper, recently published in Scientific Reports, Manuel Marqués (member of IFIMAC) and coworkers show analytically and numerically the formation of a near-field stable optical binding between two identical plasmonic particles, induced by an incident plane wave. The equilibrium binding distance is controlled by the angle between the polarization plane of the incoming field and the dimer axis, for which the authors have calculated an explicit formula. The researchers found that the condition to achieve stable binding depends on the particle’s dielectric function and happens near the frequency of the dipole plasmonic resonance. The binding stiffness of this stable attaching interaction is four orders of magnitude larger than the usual far-field optical binding and is formed orthogonal to the propagation direction of the incident beam (transverse binding). The binding distance can be further manipulated considering the magneto-optical effect and an equation relating the desired equilibrium distance with the required external magnetic field has been obtained. [Full article]

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